21 Jul

Never under-estimate the bandwidth of a car load of tape

The original saying was ” Never under-estimate the bandwidth of a station-wagon full of tapes hurtling down the highway” and is attributed to legendary professor of computer science Andrew Tanenbaum. ( Computer Networks, 4th ed., p. 91)


Back then tape capacities were measured in MegaBytes.  With the latest LTO technologies, never was this more true than in today’s world of big data.

You need to shift a load of data offsite to your Disaster Recovery site.

A box of 50 LTO 6 Tapes in your car for a 30 mile trip which takes 1 Hour

(includes loading time and travel in that city congestion!)

50 x 3TB = 150 TeraBytes per hour

That’s 150,000 GigaBytes in 3600 seconds = 40GBytes/S = ~330Gbits/S

You’ll have to go a long way, and with deep pockets to find that kind of WAN bandwidth!


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